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Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

Among various other attractions in Chittranjan , one needs mention is Chittaranjan Locomotive Works which is known as one of the biggest manufacturers of locomotives in the globe. The CLW or Chittaranjan Locomotive Works is owned by the Indian state of West Bengal. The factory manufactures electric locomotives and is situated in the town of Chittaranjan which lies in the Asansol subdivision. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works at the border of Jharkhand and West Bengal and is located 237 kilometers from Kolkata and almost 32 kms from Asansol.

History of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

The Nation’s planners tactfully planned to establish a locomotive factory in eastern division of India. In the end of 1930s, a group comprising Shrinivasan and M/s Humphries was formed to reckon the likelihood of setting up a locomotive production unit and the monetary facilities obtained from it. At first, a project was proposed at a site near Kanchrapara, known as Chandmari in West Bengal. This project could not be established owing to partition. This resulted in the change of the location. Finally, after a new survey the present location at the town of Chittaranjan was selected. In the year 1947, this site obtained the approval from the Railway Board.

Overview of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

The railway station named Mihijam located in close proximity to CLW was also renamed as “Chittaranjan Station” after the establishment of CLW. After the year 1968, CLW started manufacturing diesel hydraulic locos. The diesel and steam locomotive manufacturing was stopped in the years 1973 & 1994 correspondingly. Thereafter, since then the unit has been into the production of electric railway engines only. At present CLW is the solitary Government factory in entire India which manufactures electric locomotives. The CLW gets its steel and iron from Jamshedpur and Asansol and the hydroelectric power from the Maithon Dam. Chittaranjan town is encircled by tall boundaries and is protected by three main gates. The township is also secured by RPSF (or Railway Protection Special Force), RPF (or Railway Protection Force) as well as the police of West Bengal.

Products of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

CLW was established in 1947 and this industrial unit is owned by the Indian Railway. This factory is named after Chittaranjan Das, who was one of the eminent freedom fighters of India. This industrial unit lies in the vicinity of the Chittaranjan Railway Station. In the year 1950, on 26th January, CLW started the manufacture of steam locomotives in association with North British Loco Company. Dr. Rajendra Prasad (the first President of India) devoted the 1st steam engine manufactured by CLW to Chittaranjan Das and announced it officially on 1st November, 1950. Earlier the area where the CLW is placed today, used to be a small village dwelled by the Santhals, during the age of pre-industrialization. After the erection of this industrial unit, this outdated place started developing and gradually turned into a modern and advanced railway township outfitted with all the latest amenities. CLW extends over an area of 18.34 square kilometers. CLW gives shelter to schools, cinema hall, workshops, college, offices, staff quarters, auditorium and indoor stadium. The following are the various locomotives that are manufactured at CLW:

5450 hp, 25 kilo Volt AC, Broad Gauge 160 km per hour speed and three phase drive
WAP-4: 5000 hp, 25kV AC, Broad Gauge 1.676 meter speed 130 km per hour, DC Traction Motor technology or Tap changer
WAP-7: 6000 hp, AC, Broad Gauge 180 km per hour speed, 3 phase drive or P7 [1]
WAG-7: 5000 hp, 25 kilovolt AC, B. G. 1.676 meter, speed 100 km per hour (on Indian Railways track), DC Traction Motor technology or Tap changer
WAG-9: 6000 hp, 25kilovolt ac, Broad Gauge, freight locomotive, 100 kilometer per hour speed, three phase drive

The Hitachi Traction Motor and 3 Phase Traction Motors are also produced at CLW. Besides these the CLW is also famous for the manufacture of steel casting and wheel sets, control or switch gears, fabricated and bogies cast.

Achievements and Celebrations held at CLW

Chittaranjan TourismDuring the period between 1950 and 1972, about 2351 steam locomotives were produced by CLW. CLW has been giving a consistent and exceptional performance and in the year 2009-2010 it succeeded to manufacture around 220 locomotives. CLW has also witnessed various celebrations. The Diamond Jubilee year of the unit was celebrated in 2009-10. In the year 2009, in March, a Kite Flying Competition was organized at CLW to celebrate the event of Diamond Jubilee year. To commemorate the joyous occasion of the Diamond Jubilee year of CLW, the industrial unit was thronged by a myriad of inhabitants and this event brought them closer.

Milestones of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

  • In the year 2010, on 3th June, the first electric locomotive named WAP 7 type number 30277 with the HOG (Head On Generation) scheme was launched by GM or CLW
  • In 2011, on 1st February, the 1st 3 phase electric locomotive named WAG 9 Loco number 31291, fixed with the cab AC system, was flagged off and it was completely dedicated to the service of nation.
  • On 8th February, 2012, in New Delhi at the National Rail Museum, CLW was congratulated at the 9th National Steam Congress which was organized by the Indian Steam Railways Society.
  • The instigation of the work at the Electric Locomotive Component factory which acts as the auxiliary unit of the CLW, located at Dankuni, was launched by the chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee in the year 2012, on 28th May.

Departments of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

The CLW encompasses the following departments:

Electrical: The responsibility of this department is to receive power supply from Damodar Valley Corp. (or DVC) and distribute it to the town and to the various shops.

Mechanical: This department includes manufacturing shops, transport shop, machinery and plant procurement and plant maintenance.

Medical: CLW offers the Kasturba Gandhi Hospital to the locals. This hospital also provides care of Secondary level for all the Railway beneficiaries.

Civil: For all the employees of CLW, Chittaranjan presents itself as a private township as well as the largest Railway Colony. This department takes care of the water supply, infrastructure, education and water storage of the township.

Personnel: This department offers various welfare activities (like holiday camps, recreation, canteens, distress and relief) and Staff Benefit Fund grants (for e.g. grants on cultural activities, education, homeo dispensary, sports etc.) to the employees and their family members.

The other departments of CLW are- Rajbhasa Department Security, Finance, Public Relations, Vigilance and Stores department.

Environment Protection at CLW

For the improvement and protection of the environment at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, the following are some necessary steps that have been taken:
  • A device for controlling air pollution has been installed in the integrated paint shop to knock down the air pollution
  • Another device has been set up at GEC Arc furnaces in the steel foundry to control air pollution
  • Improvement in the operational procedures has resulted in a reduction of five percent of waste which is produced in the shops
  • The installation of dust collector in the Sand plant has been done to reduce air pollution
  • By using capacitor bank, energy efficient lights etc. the electricity consumption has been cut down in the township and plant
  • Within the township using poly bags has been prohibited
  • Water consumption in the vicinity of the plant has been knocked down by five percent by preventing the major leakages. In addition, water meters have been installed to keep a regular check on water consumption
  • In the Central Power house, the stack height of the D. G. sets has been elevated in order to bring down the air pollution.
  • Inside the CLW Township, around 50000 trees have been implanted.
  • A new bio filter plant has also been installed to improve the sewage quality before it gets released into the water bodies located close by and to the surface inland.

When to Visit Chittaranjan Locomotive Works ?

CLW manufactures high-tech electric locomotives and supplies the much required motive power to the Indian Railways. Besides this, CLW is also a sought-after destination for the nature lovers. The tranquil ambiance of the place, the lush green pastures and a myriad of mysterious birds enthrall all and sundry. The best time to visit CLW is from November to March. A variety of migratory birds flock this place every winter after travelling thousands of miles. The flora and fauna of CLW makes the visitors spellbound with its mesmerizing splendor.

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
Address: Street No. - 21, Chittaranjan,
West Bengal, Pin code- 713331
Phone number: 03412525500
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