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About Chittaranjan

Chittaranjan is a renowned town of West Bengal which is famous for its locomotive works. This census town lies in the Asansol subdivision of the Burdwan district of West Bengal. The town derives its name from the legendary freedom fighter of India, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das. Chittaranjan happens to be the first township which was planned after the independence of India. This ISO-14001 sanctioned township brags to be the cleanest and 100 percent pollution-free township in India. The town boasts of clean and broad roads, houses smartly arranged in rows and a plethora of lakes and lush green foliage. The underground sewage system of Chittaranjan concludes at Ajay River after going through a treatment plant which wards off any hazardous contamination to mix with the river water.Chittaranjan houses a hill resort named “The Diminutive Hill Top” which is located in close proximity to the town. From this hill resort an aerial view of the town can be witnessed.

About Chittaranjan
Boating Club in Chittaranjan

Geography of Chittaranjan

Chittaranjan is positioned at 23.87 degrees in North and 86.87 degrees in the east. The average elevation of the town is 508 feet or 155 metres. The entire area of Asansol-Durgapur is made of undulating laterite. This region is flanked by two potential rivers named Ajay and Damodar. These two rivers, stream nearly parallel to each other in the area. The rivers stand apart at an average distance of about 30 km. For many years, this region was densely forested and attacked by looters and raiders. The climate of Chittaranjan can be divided into 4 main seasons- autumn, summer, monsoon and winter. The autumn season is a very short period (October-November) which remains pleasant throughout this short span. It starts after the rainy season and lasts till the commencement of winter. Summer time is between the months of March and May. The temperatures in summers go beyond 40 degree Celsius. The weather remains dry and hot. Monsoon time is from August to September. Winter season starts in the mid November and lasts till the end of February. Winters are chilly in this region and the minimum temperature drops down to 8-10 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature remains around 25 degree Celsius.

Economy of Chittaranjan

Profile of Chittaranjan
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

The industrialization of this region started after the invention of coal and thereafter a majority of forests have been cleaned up. At the region’s western peripheral, Barakar creates the borderline with Jharkhand. Chhitranjan Locomotive Works is amajor employer in this region of West Bengal. In the region of Chittaranjan, there exists a small expanse of land boundary with Jharkand. Chittaranjan occupies an area of 18.3 square kilometres and has one hospital (Kasturba Gandhi Hospital), eighteen non railway schools, seven health units, twenty two railway schools, eight community halls and 9356 residential quarters. In addition, the town also houses two movie halls, one club and 7 bazaars. Ranjan Cinema Hall is a renowned movie hall in Chittaranjan to entertain the movie lovers of the town. The internal road length of the township is approximately 193 kilometres and it has been divided into eight different areas. Each area has its own market, community hall, primary school, playground and dispensary (or Primary Health Unit).

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (or CLW)

CLW or Chittaranjan Locomotive Works is a renowned factory in Chittaranjan which is famous for the manufacture of the mainline electric broad gauge locomotives. This unit started its operation in the year 1950 and until the year 1972, the factory used to produce metre gauge and broad gauge steam locomotives. The manufacture of electric locomotives initiated in the year 1963. Besides the manufacture of electric and steam locomotives, CLW also manufactured the narrow gauge diesel locomotives (that were 762 mm long and were of ZDM class) as well as the broad gauge (B. G.) hydraulic shunting locos of class WDS4. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works. CLW terminated the manufacture of steam locomotives after 1972. During that period the very last steam locomotive named “AntimSitara” (which means the Last Star) was produced. CLW totally stopped the manufacture of diesel locomotives in the early 90s.

At present, Chittaranjan is reckoned as the largest manufacturer of electric locomotives in India. CLW boasts of about 13000 employees and happens to be the largest Indian Railway unit.

Tourist Places in Chittaranjan

Tourism plays an important part in every city or town and Chittaranjan also brags of some remarkable tourist spot in and around the town. Ajay River is a renowned river located in close proximity to the town and the bank of this river serves as an outstanding picnic spot to the locals and tourists. Karnail Singh Park abounds with a large number of migratory birds in winters and is an ideal place for the bird watchers. Deshbandhu Park is famous for housing traditional Indian Railway engines. Kangoi Hill, Children’s Park, Horticulture Garden, Golf Club and Boating Club are the other places of attractions in Chittaranjan. Hill Top and Hollow Hill serve as excellent picnic spots to the locals and outsiders.

Important Helpline Numbers

The best time to visit Chittaranjan is between the months of October and February. During this time the weather remains pleasant and favorable for the tourists.

Tourism Centre (Kolkata)
Address: 3/2, B.B.D. Bag (East), Kolkata, Pin code- 700001
Website Address: http://wbtourism.gov.in/
For Reservations: 033-22438271/6440Fax: 033-2248 5168
E-mail Address: tourismcentre.kol@westbengaltourism.gov.in

Places of Attractions In and Around Chittaranjan

Chittaranjan Tourism
Chittaranjan Tourism

The town brags of a number of parks, riverbanks, clubs, lakes, gardens, several hills and marketplaces. A brief description of some of the prominent spots to visit in the town is listed below:

Karnail Singh Park : Karnail Singh Park is an important tourist spot in Chittaranjan. This park comprises a water body which catches the attention of a myriad of migratory freshwater birds in the winter season. The best time to visit this lake is between the months of November and February.

Ajay River : Ajay River initiates on a 980 feet (or 300 m) high hill in Bihar and thereafter streams through Jharkhand and finally steps in Simjuri, West Bengal near the town of Chittaranjan. The distance between Chittaranjan and Ajay River is 178 kms and it takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the destination from the town via NH2 and SH 14. The riverbank of the Ajay River serves as an excellent picnic spot for the locals and tourists.

Maithon Dam: Situated at a distance of 20 kms away from Chittaranjan, the Maithon Dam serves as a superb spot for a memorable day trip. People can take pleasure in boating in the Maithon Lake and enjoy the beautiful sunset view at the Dam. The construction of the Maithon Dam has been done by the Damodar Valley Corporation. There exists a tourist lodge in the midst of the Maithon Lake where the tourists can sojourn.

Children's Park: This is an amazing park in Chittaranjan which is specially made for the kids. Kids can come along with their parents to enjoy the wonderful rides inside the park every evening.

Hill Top: The hill top gives an aerial view of the township of Chittaranjan.

Horticulture Garden: The garden is situated near the hill top and is a must-see site in the township of Chittaranjan.

Hollow Hill: This hill lies crossways to the Sunset Avenue. It serves as an awesome weekend getaway. The hollow hill is enclosed on each and every side and has water inside it. This is a perfect picnic spot. One can have a great time here by having a walk in the early evening.

Kangoi Hill: Another prominent tourist spot in Chittaranjan is the Kangoi Hill. People can enjoy the striking view of sunset at this hill.

Deshbandhu Loco Park : One can witness some traditional engines of Indian Railways in the Deshbandhu Loco Park, which is located near the GM office in Chittaranjan. This is an ideal place for people who are keen to know about rail engines.

Boating Club: This club has been specifically designed for the boating enthusiasts of Chittaranjan. People can enjoy their weekends by visiting this amazing and entertaining club which is located in the Hospital Colony of the town.

Hanuman Mandir: This is a religious site in Chittarajan for the devotees of Lord Hanuman. A large number of devotees living in the township as well as in the vicinity of the town flock the temple to revere the deity. The temple receives a large number of visitors especially on Tuesdays.

Railway Workshop: Every year on the 17th of September, on the event of Vishwakarma Pooja, this railway workshop is opened to the locals and tourists visiting Chittaranjan.

Amladahi Market: Amladahi Market is the most notable market of the Chittaranjan town. The market is quite compact yet offers everything under the same roof. One can buy a vast assortment of goods all available at this only marketplace of Chittaranjan.

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Sports in Chittaranjan

There are 2 huge playgrounds in the town- Srilata ground and Oval ground. A range of sub divisional tournaments are played on these two playgrounds. Besides this, the town also houses- 2 swimming pools, one badminton court, numerous football fields, 2 multi sports stadiums, one basketball court, RPF old shooting range, 1 indoor stadium(under construction), lawn tennis court and one gymnasium.

Culture in Chittaranjan

Chittaranjan is an amalgamation of various cultures. Since the town lies in the Burdwan district, it adopts the same culture of the district. Burdwan used to be an integral hub for both foreign rulers as well as the Mughal emperors. The place had been reined by the Kings of Burdwan for quite a long time. One can witness the diverse culture that has been embraced and practiced by the locals of the Chittaranjan town.

All about Chittaranjan
Culture of Chittaranjan

Bengali is the predominant language of the town. Hindi and English are the other languages that are also used by the residents. All the government offices use either English or Bengali. Dance and music are an integral part of Chittaranjan’s culture. There are various music and dance schools in and around the town which encourage children and adults to learn all forms of Bengali music and dance. Rabindra sangeet and classical music are quite popular among the locals and is practised in almost every household. Nowadays, with modernization people have also become highly enthusiastic about learning western music as well. Apart from it, the dance schools also focus on Indian, western and folk dance forms.

Festivals in Chittaranjan

Durga Puja is the main festival of the town which falls every year in the month of September or October. Durga Puja is commemorated with great fervour in the township of Chittaranjan. The various community halls within the township organize Durga Puja and the locals celebrate it with immense zeal. The other festivals that are celebrated in the town are- Bengali New Year(around 14-15th April), Janmashtami, Rabindra Jayanti(on 7th or 8th May), Kojagari Laxmi Pooja, Jagadhatri Puja, Paush Parban(in January), Bhai Phota(after Kali Pooja), Kali Pooja(in October), Saraswati Pooja(in February), Dol(or Holi – in March), Ramkrishna Jayanti(in March), Maghotsav(in February) and Buddha Poornima(in May).

Utility Services in Chittaranjan

The State administration as well as the District administration plays the main role in providing the residents of Chittaranjan with the essential services and utilities. Some of the notable services that are offered at Chiitaranjan are mentioned below:

Gas Agencies in Chittaranjan

Cooking gas (or LPG) is an inevitable necessity in any household. To apply for the same one can contact at the following office located in the town. One can contact the following Indane Gas distributor in Chittaranjan with documents for identity and residence proof to get a new LPG connection:

Kitchen Best
Address: Bow Market,
Burdwan District
Phone number: 03412528002

Post Office in Chittaranjan

The following is the only post office in the town which caters to the needs of the residents of Chittaranjan:

Chittaranjan Post Office
Address: The Post Master,
Chittaranjan P. O.,
Taluk Salanpur, Dist. Burdwan,
West Bengal, Pin code- 713331
Phone Number: 03412525375

Banks and ATMs in Chittaranjan

Banking services are one of the most essential services in any town to manage all the monetary stuff. Chittaranjan houses some major banks of India that are well-equipped with the various kinds of banking services. Given below is a list which contains the contact details of all of them:

Bank of India
Address: Mukherjee House,
Technical school building,
Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan,
West Bengal, Pin code- 713331
IFSC Code: BKID0004205
MICR Code: 713013501
Phone number: 034125289418

State Bank of India
Address: CLW Campus,
Amladahi Mrkt, Chittaranjan,
Burdwan District, W. B.,
Pin code- 713331
IFSC Code: SBIN0000241
MICR Code: 713002701
Phone number: 03412528068 / 03412526998

State Bank of India ATM
Address: CLW Campus,
Amladahi Mrkt,
Chittaranjan, W.B.,
Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Chittaranjan Children’s Park

Police Station in Chittaranjan

Address: Chittaranjan Ho, Chittaranjan,
Dist. Burwan, W. B., Pin code- 713331
Phone number: +(91)-341-2525368

Healthcare Services in Chittaranjan

The residents of Chittaranjan have been bestowed with the best health care services in the district. The town boasts to be a pollution free town in the region with lush green environs and fresh air which promotes the well-being of the residents. There are primary health units dispersed in the various areas of the township. The Kasturba Gandhi Hospital boasts to be the one and only renowned hospital in Chittaranjan which is located within the campus of CLW. The Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in Chittaranjan offers affordable health care facilities to the residents and employees of CLW.

Kasturba Gandhi Hospital
Address: KG Hospital, CLW,
Chittaranjan, Bardhaman Dist., W. B.,
Pin code- 713331

Medical Stores in Chittaranjan

Medicine shops are an integral part of any town to provide the residents with immediate need of medicines. Below are some renowned medical stores in Chittaranjan:

Mondal Drug House
Address: Sanctoria Bzr,
Dishergarh, Chittaranjan,
W. B., Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Sanctoria Hospital
Phone number: 03412523409

Sanctoria Medicals
Address: Sanctoria Bazaar,
Dishergarh, Chittaranjan,
Dist. Burdwan, W. B.,
Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Opp Sanctoria Hospital
Phone number: 03412522804

Santosh Medical Store

Address: 86, Jamuria Bzr,
Chittaranjan, W. B.,
Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Kali Mandir
Phone number: 03412455030

Doctors in Chittaranjan

Doctors play a significant role in the health sector of any town. Following are some renowned doctors who have been serving the ailing mass of Chittaranjan:

Dr. Tanusree Sarkar (Dermatologist)
Address: Quarters, Number- 111b,
Street No. - 23, Chittaranjan Ho,
Chittaranjan, Burdwan,
W. B., Pin code- 713331
Phone numbers: +(91)-341-2529783 / +(91)-9432171143

Dr. Joly Seth (Dermatologist)
Address: St No.- 88. Quarters,
Number- 15/D, Chittaranjan Ho,
Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan,
Pin code- 71333
Phone numbers: +(91)-341-2528234
and +(91)-9432855142

Asansol Dental and Maxillofacial Clinic
Address: First Flr, Opp, Senraliegh Rd, Chittaranjan Ho,
Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan, Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Bhagat Singh More
Phone numbers: +(91)-341-2211870 / +(91)-8159999778

Dr. Sikha Majumder (General Medicine)
Address: 21/A, Amladahi Mrkt,
Chittaranjan, Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Chittaranjan Children’s Park
Phone number: 03412528143

Dr. Nivedita Mallik (Gyneacology)
Address: 11/A, Simjuri, Chittaranjan,
Dist. Burdwan, Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Kaali Mandir
Phone number: 03412526554

Dr. Anjan Kumar Ghosh (Homeopathy)
Address: 3/C, Amladahi Mrkt,
Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan,
Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Kaali Mandir
Phone number: 03412525876

Dr. Arun Kanti Dutta(Homeopathy)
Address: 22, Amladahi Mrkt,
Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan,
Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Kaali Mandir
Phone number: 03412527243

Food in Chittaranjan

The staple food of the region is “Fish and Rice”. A wide variety of fishes and prawns are available in the town. A wide assortment of cuisines is prepared from “Rohu”, “Pabda” and “Bhetki” fishes. Curries and fries are prepared with fish as the main ingredient. Apart from the staple food, the people of Chittaranjan are predominantly sweet lovers. Delicious sweets like sitabhog, lenghcha, mihidana are famous among the locals. Below are some noteworthy restaurants in Chittaranjan where people can savour lip-smacking food:

Moon Rock Restaurant
Address: 64/G, Asansol Rd,
Chittaranjan, Dist. Burdwan,
Pin code- 713331
Landmark: In City Residency Hotel
Phone numbers: 09233502317 and 03412343775

Food Palace Restaurant
Address: 2, HCL Rd, Chittaranjan,
Dist. Burdwan, Pin code- 713331
Landmark: Nr Nazrul Polytechnic
Phone number: 03412532450

Transport in Chittaranjan

Transport in Chittaranjan
Chittaranjan Railway Station

Chittaranjan is well-connected to all the major cities and towns of the district via efficient rail and road network. Chittaranjan Railway Station is the prominent rail head of the town. This station is connected with to all the important cities of the country through the Delhi-Kolkata main line via the Mughal Sarai-Patna route. Local buses and interstate buses can be availed to travel within the town as well as within the state. The 4 lane G. T. road proves to be the best for people who travel in their personal vehicles. Rickshaws and autos can be availed to reach to the places located within the town. Read More..............................

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